no selener pls

Straight White Boy Problem #540


*starts raking leaves* i dont mind raking leaves but it’s really boring and there are so many leaves! *jumps into a huge ass pile of leaves that my dad is raking* dad glares at me while I frolic in the moist leaves. He drops his rake. He drops his gloves and walks into the garage. after having a lot of fun in the leaves (by myself) I wait for my dad for 5 minutes but it is evident he isn’t coming back outside. now I have to clean up these leaves all by myself.

sauna teens

as coco chanel once said: fashion is something that exists in dresses only

as coco chanel once said: gimme that d

as coco chanel once said: i am not that good

as coco chanel once said: every shitty fashion student will quote me

I wait for the postman 
to bring me a letter
to bring me lemons 
when life gives you lindsay lohan
when ebola takes a life
in the first world

by luzek recovered